Silver Cat MAGNUM Catfish Pole
Silver Cat MAGNUM Catfish Pole
Last year we introduced catfish sportsmen to B’n’M with the new “Silver Cat”. This year, we’re expanding the line with three new entries - all with great features to bring those cats into the boat.

Like the original Silver Cat, these new 100% fiberglass rods feature a wrapped nylon cord grip for sure-handling, super-slick guides, and a cat-fishin’ tough graphite reel seat. The new Magnum series is a tournament-level, heavy-duty rod, offered at a casual fisherman’s price.

These rods start with sensitivity to the smallets nibble, and finish with the backbone you need to haul in the monsters. The new models feature an 8-foot 2-piece casting rod, a 7.5-foot 1-piece casting rod; and a 7-foot 2-piece spinning rod. Whichever style you prefer, you’ll find B’n’M’s quality, workmanship and bullet-proof warranty is with you all the way.

PLUS - they’re the best looking rods on the water!

Item    Lgth.   TYPE guides            ACTION        LINE

MAG80C      8 ft/2pc           CAST            8+tip   Heavy            25-50

MAG75C      7.5 ft/1pc        CAST            8+tip   Heavy            25-50

MAG70S      7 ft/2pc           SPIN             8+tip   Heavy            25-50

Base SKU:

SilverCat Catfish Pole
SilverCat Catfish Pole

We’ve been helping crappie fishermen catch more fish for years, now we are helping the catfisherman! The all new Silver Cat series is made of 100% fiberglass, and offers many features only found in catfish rods at a much higher price point. The nylon cord grip will offer great, no-slip handling even with wet, slimy hands, and is durable enough for use in a rod holder. The super-slick ceramic guide inserts are framed by equally high-quality aluminum oxide alloy and will provide smooth line flow for heavy lines. The graphite reel seat will accommodate any size reel, and will keep it tight to the rod for maximum sensitivity. Finally, the glow-in-the dark tip will help you see the lightest of bites during night-time fishing. The Silver Cat is a medium action rod, with a sensitive tip to maximize your catfishing efforts. As with all of our products, we believe sensitivity is the key to catching more fish, regardless of the species.

SCAT70S 7 ft/2pc SPIN 6+tip M 15-30LB
SCAT80S 8 ft/2pc SPIN 6+tip M 15-30LB
SCAT70C 7 ft/2pc CAST 7+tip M 15-30LB
SCAT80C 8 ft/2pc CAST 7+tip M 15-30LB