Ronnie Capps - On Being Flexible
Phillip Gentry
Ronnie Capps explains why the need to be flexible is an important concept in catching slab crappie.
Flexibility - from rods, to line, to rigs, and even hooks, has helped the team of Ronnie Capps and Steve Coleman get to where they are today.
The new Capps & Coleman panfish line fills the void that Ronnie and Steve were looking for in their crappie fishing system.
When you’re ready to catch fish like these, take a look at B’n’M complete line up of crappie poles, and design your own flexible system for catching slabs.

Question: Ronnie, You and Steve use the same basic tactic to catch big crappie all over the country from South Carolina to Oklahoma, from clear, deep water lakes to shallow, murky lakes and rivers. How do you consider that being flexible?

Capps: That’s right. Steve and I tight line just about everywhere we go. It’s what got us to where we are. When I say flexible, what I’m talking about is our whole crappie system. Every component needs to have flex to it. That means we’ll only use a limber rod, we’ll only use line that has the proper amount of stretch to it, and we’ll only use light wire hooks that will give when we need them to.


Question: What are the advantages of being flexible in your crappie fishing?

Capps: It’s like the old trick for getting a truck out when it’s stuck in the mud. Try to use a chain to pull it out and something’s going to break because there’s no give. Use a rope that will flex and you’ll be able to get it loose without breaking off. When we’re fishing, we need that type of flexibility - give in the rods helps us keep our baits still in the water as well as giving us the sensitivity to see when we have a bite. Stretch in the line and using light wire hooks will get us unstuck a whole lot more when we’re snagged than a rigid system that will end up breaking the line. Most importantly, when you set the hook on a big 2 – 3 pound crappie in 6 – 8 feet of water, if you’re entire system from rods, line, rigs and hooks aren’t flexible, you’ll have a hard time getting that fish in the boat without tearing the hook loose or breaking the line.


Question: How do B’n’M poles play into your flexible crappie fishing system?

Capps: A lot of anglers, when they first get serious about crappie fishing andswap over to trolling, go to a discount rod outlet and buy a bunch of long rods so they can fish out away from the boat. Most of these discount rods are made too stiff in order support the longer length. B’n’M poles come in as long of lengths as you’ll ever want to use. The designs may be a little different because many of our rods are designed for a specific crappie tactic, but the one thing they all have in common is flexibility. Whether they’re made from fiberglass or graphite, all of B’n’M’s rods provide strength with enough give to provide flexibility in your crappie fishing system.


Question: Is this why you designed your own line?

Capps: Absolutely, we feel like we’ve either found or designed the perfect system for how we fish from the right boat to the right rods, lures, rigs and hooks. All that was missing was the line. We have fished with a lot of different lines over the years but we never found the exact combination of features that we were completely satisfied with.

So Steve and I have put out our own brand of crappie fishing line – The Capps & Coleman Series Championship Crappie and Panfish line. The biggest thing about this new line is that it has the stretch and flexibility you need to catch big crappie.


Question: When will this line hit the market and where can crappie anglers find it?

Capps: Capps & Coleman series line is available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 pound test. The series includes a clear monofilament and a green tinted monofilament and is also available in fluorocarbon. Our plans are to market the line through local bait and tackle retailers across the southeast. It’s available now by contacting Grizzly Jig in Caruthersville, MO at 1-800-305-9866. For more information about the line or to find a local retailer near you, call 731-431-0234.


B’n’M Poles are all about being flexible. Check out our line of strong, yet sensitive trolling rods by viewing our online catalog at www.bnmpoles or contact us at 1-800-647-6363 we’ll send you one by mail.