Jay Stone Describes The Double Touch Duck Commander Crappie Rod
Phillip Gentry
Duck Commander Jay Stone was instrumental in designing B’n’M’s new Duck Commander series Double Touch Crappie Pole. He describes it as the ultimate jig pole for fall fishing.
The placement of the reel seat allows enough room to grab the handle by the end when reaching out to far away structure while still maintaining rod balance between the rod and the reel.
Markings at each 1 foot level along the rod blank lets the jig angler know the exact depth of the water he’s got his bait in.
Fishing dense standing timber and brush-tops is a great way to get a limit, and a family fish fry during the fall fishing months.
“We had some things in mind that we wanted in a jig pole,” said Stone”.  “For instance, the depth-monitoring wraps that we came up with.  You know, when you’re fishing, you’d like to know exactly how deep you’re fishing.  With other rods, we would have to take a Sharpie marker or some tape and mark off every foot down our jig poles so we know exactly how deep we’re fishing those jigs.  But with these wraps, there’s no guesswork involved.  You know, you’ve got your 12 foot pole, you let your jig out 12 feet, you know you’ve fishing 12 foot deep.  With these wraps, anywhere in between, you know exactly how deep you’re fishing.”

A typical jig pole is designed somewhat like a fly rod, the reel seat is at the end of the pole where the weight of the reel helps to balance the outfit. Having a little room at the end of the handle, while still placing the seat close enough to the end of the rod to maintain balance was important. 

“Another thing we wanted to do was move the reel seat up from the bottom a little bit to have enough room for you to grab the end of that jig pole,” said Stone.  “When you’re reaching way out there trying to get to that stump, the Duck Commander jig pole gives you a little room to put your hand behind that reel seat while, at the same time, staying far enough back on the handle where the pole is very balanced in your hand.  Combine that feature with this very light, real sensitive rod blank, which Jack Wells hit the nail on the head with that, no doubt, and it’s the perfect balanced jig pole.”

The Duck Commanders also recognized that holding a jig pole often meant one grip for fishing one way and another grip for fishing another. B’n’M pioneered the through- the-handle rod blank touch system, creating the most sensitive feel for the lightest bites. Stone liked the touch system so well, he wanted two of them on his rod.  

“Everybody likes to hold their jig pole in different spots,” he said.  “Some people grab the rod right in front of the reel.  Some people grab it up towards the end of the cork.  I just wanted to give anglers that second option.  However it feels best in your hand is where you want to grab it. With this double touch pole, you’ll have that touch system where you can actually feel the blank itself, you can feel those light bites either way you hold the rod.”

One method Stone favors for fall fishing is “telescoping” the jig. With crappie holding around dense standing timber as the water temperatures cool into fall, he frequently inserts the rod tip between the branches of the trees and “telescopes” the jig by hand down into the structure.

“Usually about 7 feet,” he said. “Just barely wiggle the jig and wait for that thump. Then to get him out, you’ll have to grab the line by hand and pull the fish twards the rod tip, then hand-over-hand the rod and the fish out of the structure. This will be a great rod for this type of fishing.”

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