Buck's Mini-Reel
Buck's Mini-Reel
  • Weighs only 3 oz.
  • Measures only 11⁄4" x 31⁄2"
  • Powerful 3.6:1 gear ratio
  • Anti-reverse lever
  • Holds 50 Yards of Line.
  • Audible bait clicker
  • Tension Control
  • Quick change right or left hand retrieve

Buck's UltraLight Crappie Reel
Buck's UltraLight Crappie Reel
Lighten your crappie rig for all day vertical jigging with these great little reels. Made of crush resistant ABS material, these reels have 2BB to ensure smooth operation and will allow you to set the drag for optimal rod performance.

Weighs just 1.6 oz. Gear ratio: 1:1 • Spool diameter: .75 inches
Base SKU:BAN01

PRO-STAFF Spinning Reel
PRO-STAFF Spinning Reel

It doesn’t say PRO-STAFF for nothing...

Smooth action, tough performance, and lots of fun, this little workhorse has a silky-smooth drag for longlining, spider rigging, or any trolling technique.

Featuring a stainless steel cap and options for both right- and left-hand retrieves. 5BB (4+1), 5.1:1gear ratio, with line capacities of: 4lb/220yds, 6lb/150 yds, or 8lb/100 yds.


Item Ratio. PRICE
PRO100 5.1:1 $39.99
Guides: Dyna-Flo

The All-New Quick-Change Crappie Reel
The All-New Quick-Change Crappie Reel
This is really neat little reel that offers the ability to quickly change out line for customers who use pony spools. Great price point, and something unique that is not offered by any competitor. Patented.
Base SKU:QC1

Universal Pole Reel
Universal Pole Reel
  • Flat design lays close to pole
  • Nylon construction
  • Tape-down reel foot
  • 1:1 ratio
Base SKU:NCP33

Vertical Mount! Quick Change Reel
Vertical Mount! Quick Change Reel

As with our QC1, this is a neat hat offers the ability to quickly change out line for customers who use pony spools. This model, though, is vertically mounted like our FR2.  


West Point Crappie Reel
West Point Crappie Reel

Our West Point Crappie Reel – a staple for all crappie fishermen  - has been re-tooled for 2013 to provide smoother and more accurate gear action.  The audible bait alarm will let you know of the lightest of strikes, and the anti-reverse will ensure no reel movement.

Most importantly, the reel is now prespooled with 45 ft of high quality, 6 lb, hi-visibility Vicious Panfish line.  This line has big strength, small diameter, and no memory.  All of these improvements come at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Base SKU:FR2

West Point Spinning Reel
West Point Spinning Reel
The West Point Spinning reel is a 3 ball bearing reel that’s designed for light fresh water applications. Weighing only 5.2 ounces, it works great with ultra-light rods and jig poles. Quick-Change right or left hand retrieve

  • 4.7:1 gear ratio
  • Cast aluminum spool with 8 lb. test line
  • Spare graphite spool
  • Smooth front drag system
  • 4 lbs./150 yds., 6 lbs/100 yds., 8lbs./70 yds.
Base SKU:BM050

West Point Trigger Reel
West Point Trigger Reel
This is a fantastic little reel that can accomplish big things! Weighing only 5.5 oz, this trigger spin reel is pre-spooled with 43 yards of 8 Lb test line. And, for an ultralight reel, it packs a hefty 4.7:1 gear ratio to bring 'em in. Stainless steel cap adds durability. Though designed for fishermen of all skill levels, this is a great reel for beginner fishermen, and has withstood the test of a 7 year old who is rough on equipment ... very rough!
Left hand retrieve. Line capacity:
6lb/50 yards
8lb/40 yards (furnished)
10lb/25 yards
Base SKU:DL1