3-Way Bumping Swivels
3/0 Catfish Hooks
George Young JR, 3/0 catfish hook, this blood red 3/0 offset circle hook is unbelievably sharp! It's great for smaller cats or any fish where a circle hook is needed, it's also a great stinger hook. 

3-Way Bumping Swivels
8/0 Catfish Hooks
George Young JR, 8/0 catfish hook, super strong! Super sharp! And the offset is sure to hit its mark.

3-Way Bumping Swivels
9/0 Catfish Hooks
George Young JR, 9/0 catfish hook, strong! Sharp! Wide gap, for those oversized baits and those monster cats, the 9/0 offset circle hook is the pros choice. 

3-Way Bumping Swivels
Pro Series 3-Way Swivels
George Young JR, pro series 3-way swivel, the pro series has it all when it comes to 3-way swivels! Unbelievable flexibility and with the chain swivel added, you can bet you'll have no twist and tangles! This swivel is used by pros around the country. 

3-Way Bumping Swivels
3-Way Wired Swivels
George Young JR, 3-way wired swivel, this 3-way swivel is one tuff dude! With its 150lb test breaking strength, it can be used for your smallest catfish to your largest and it's also great for those saltwater monsters!

3-Way Bumping Swivels
3-Way Bumping Swivels
George Young JR, 3-way bumping swivel, the name tells its all, I cut my teeth bumping the mighty Mississippi with this swivel, and it’s also great for any application where a 2-way swivel is needed, bumping, anchoring, drifting or dragging and many more. 

3-Way Bumping Swivels
Pro Series Sinker Slide

George Young JR, pro series sinker slide, are for that angler that wants to go the extra mile. The pro series sinker slide is great for any application that the regular sinker slide is used for, the pro slide made on the wire leader, keeps the slide from rubbing on your main line.      


3-Way Bumping Swivels
Sinker Slide
George Young JR, catfish sinker slide, these sinker slides are great for several applications, from anchor fishing, drift fishing and more, the quick snap on the slide allows the angler to change weight sizes as conditions change, with retying your whole rig.

3-Way Bumping Swivels
Chain Swivels
George Young JR, chain swivel, this 125lb test chain swivel is small but strong! That means less drag in the water, it will diffidently keep the twist out of your line.