B’n’M Poles Unveils All New Silver Cat Series
Phillip Gentry
A leader in the crappie and panfishing rod market, B’n’M Poles unveils it’s first ever rod for the catfish industry – The All New Silver Cat Series.
Loaded with features, B’n’M’s new catfish rod offers aluminum oxide guides, glow-in-the-dark tips, and cord grip handles.
Unique even among catfish rods, the cord grip handle insures excellent grip even under the slimiest of conditions.
Having undergone extensive field testing, veteran catfish guide Brian Barton proclaims B’n’M’s new catfish rod a winner.
“Several factors came together to get us looking into this market,” said B’n’M President Jack Wells. “One, a lot of our crappie fishing customers fish for crappie in the spring and then switch over to catfish when the weather gets hot. The second was that these and other anglers have been looking for a strong yet sensitive rod for catfishing, and “strong and sensitive” is what B’n’M is all about in our crappie fishing lineup.”

Wells discovered that the days of catfishing with rods that resemble pool cues is over for serious catfish anglers. Unquestionably, the catfishing set is a growing market and todays anglers have figured out that catfish can be just as finicky and require just as much finesse in getting them to bite as any crappie. And when they do bite, they pull hard and require a rod with enough backbone that can land fish that have been known to go into the triple digits.

“Like crappie fishing, catfishing has become  more than a one pole affair. Anglers are using multiple rods to troll or multiple rods to anchor up and fish a wide range of water depths. They need more than one rod and what we saw was a need for a good rod at a good price,” said Wells.

B’n’M’s Siver Cat Series offers two different models in two different lengths – a spinning model that’s available in 7 and 8 foot lengths and a casting model that also comes in 7 and 8 foot lengths. All of the rods are constructed of high quality fiberglass medium action blanks that feature quality aluminum oxide guides with ceramic inserts. Not stopping where the competitors did, B’n’M has also added two uniquely “catfish” features to their new lineup of rods.

The tip section of the rods feature a glow-in-the-dark coating that helps night fishing anglers see the status of each rod in the dark. The other unique feature is that each rod features a cord grip handle, essentially assuring a solid grip in even the coldest, wettest or slimiest of conditions.

“We’ve had several experts testing our rod designs for nearly a year,” said Wells. “We’ve taken their feedback and put them into our manufacturing process. Our rods will retail in price somewhere around $30 for the 7 foot spinning model and $40 for the 8 foot casting model. I don’t think you can buy this quality rod for that price anywhere.”

One of the field testers working on the new Silver Cat Series is veteran catfish guide Brian Barton (256-412-0969). Barton’s home lakes include Alabama’s Pickwick, Wheeler, and Wilson, which all house some tackle busting sized catfish.

“When you compare this rod to any other rod in the same price category, the B’n’M rod is much lighter and extremely durable,” said Barton. “I love this handle. It doesn’t slide and it fits well in my hands.”

Barton goes on to describe the rod as loading well when a catfish takes the bait. The last 12 inches provides better sensitivity than anything else he’s tried. He also claims that he was provided the rods to test on the condition that he would use them and abuse them just like any other rod that has to endure the punishment of a full-time catfish guide. That means both on and off the water.

“I’ve abused these rods for a year, throwing them in the bottom of the boat from the truck on a day-to-day basis, wrenching them in hang-ups, and certainly catching some big catfish,” said Barton. “I landed a 58 pound blue cat out of Wheeler with no problem at all. I’ve even done some stupid things with this rod, like trying to lift an 8 – 10 pound cat into the boat, something that I’d never try with another rod, and the B’n’M Cat Series came through it all without a broken rod, busted guide or chipped finish.”

“There’s no doubt about it,” said the guide. “B’n’M’s got a winner on their hands, and it’s also a good-looking rod.”

Look for B’n’M’s All New Silver Cat Series rods to begin showing up at your local B’n’M dealer this fall. The new rods will also be available in our 2013 catalog, coming soon to our website at www.bnmpoles.com or give us a call at 1-800-647-6363 to reserve your catalog today.