Silver Cat Magnum Catfish Rods
Phillip Gentry
– B’n’M catfish pro-staffers Joey and Jerry Pounders, were instrumental in testing features desirable in B’n’M’s new line of Magnum catfish rods.
The Silver Cat Magnum series features both casting and spinning rods with 30% more back-bone with the same sensitivity and toughness along with a thicker, cord-wrapped handle.
– Priced for the everyday angler, one set of Silver Cat Magnum rods will hold up to a lifetime of trophy catfishing.
Pro-tested and pro-designed, B’n’M’s new Silver Cat Magnum Series rods are bringing big cats to the scales.

It wasn’t just catfish that were hooked on the poles, however, and soon brothers Joey and Jerry Pounders of Caledonia, Mississippi, two of the hottest stars on the national catfish tournament circuit, were flying B’n’M colors and battling big cats on our poles.

As good as the Silver Cat was, Team Pounders and many of our loyal customers convinced us we could go a step farther, so we set about making a bigger, stronger pole that would not only pull big cats out of heavy cover, but could do it in strong current. For 2014, B’n’M is proud to unveil the Silver Cat Magnum Catfish Series.

“Jerry and I had a pretty good hand in the design of the Magnum rods,” said Joey Pounders. “We helped test seven or eight proto-types until everyone agreed on what we needed. All the great features in the Silver Cat are in this rod, the cord-wrapped handles and the sensitive tips, but we’ve added about 30% more backbone and made the handles thicker to keep them from rolling around in the rod holder.”

Pounders described how mistreated fishing rods can get on a typical outing on the catfish tournament trail and then explained how the new Magnum poles live up to the task.

“We might anchor the boat against the current tied up in a logjam,” said Pounders. “The rods are all piled up in the floor and invariably they get stepped on while we wrestle the boat into position. We use 80 – 100 pound braided line, which means the guides have to be tough. In all of our testing, we’ve yet to have a guide pop out. Then in the heat of battle, we go to grab a rod out of the rod holder when our hands are wet, covered in bait slime and guts, and these handles just stick like glue. We load back on the rod knowing there could be a 60 pound brute on the other end, and with this rod we know we’ve got the backbone to get him in the boat.”

Another not-so-overlooked feature of the Silver Cat Magnum is its affordability. Priced for the everyday angler, these rods retail around $60 - $65 each. A complement of eight rods could conceivably be the last set of fishing rods a trophy catfish angler ever needed.

“The B’n’M Silver Cat Magnum costs less than half of some of the custom rods we see on the trail, and they can take a beating and still give first class performance when you need it,” said Pounders. “A few weeks ago, one of our catfish pro-staffers, Jason Aycock, took his son on a trip to Wheeler Lake in Alabama and they got on some big catfish. If you go to the B’n’M Facebook page you can see a video of them catching a 95 pound blue cat on a Magnum rod. That’s a huge fish in a lot of current. I think that speaks for itself.”

The new Silver Cat Magnum models feature an 8-foot 2-piece casting rod, a 7.5-foot 1-piece casting rod; and a 7-foot 2-piece spinning rod. These new 100% fiberglass rods feature a wrapped nylon cord grip for sure-handling, super-slick, heavy duty guides, and a catfishing tough graphite reel seat. Outfitted in silver and black with red highlights, The new Magnum series is a tournament-level, heavy-duty rod, offered at a casual fisherman’s price.

Whether you’re a fan of catfish, crappie, bream, or just about anything in between, check out B’n’M’s awesome new line up of rods for 2014, including our new custom line of “Duck Commander Crappie Rods and Poles”. You can find us online at, on Facebook/bnmpoles or on the water anywhere fish are being caught. Wherever fishing takes you, B’n’M has been there.