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Silver Cat MAGNUM Catfish Pole

Silver Cat MAGNUM Catfish Pole

Silver Cat MAGNUM Catfish Pole

A few years ago, we introduced catfish sportsmen to B’n’M with the new “Silver Cat”. This year, we’re expanding the line with three new entries - all with great features to bring those cats into the boat.

Like the original Silver Cat, these new 90% carbon/10% fiberglass rods feature a wrapped nylon cord grip for sure-handling, super-slick guides, and a cat-fishin’ tough graphite reel seat. The new Magnum series is a tournament-level, heavy-duty rod, offered at a casual fisherman’s price.

These rods start with sensitivity to the smallest nibble, and finish with the backbone you need to haul in the monsters. The new models feature an 8-foot 2-piece casting rod, a 7.5-foot 1-piece casting rod; and a 7-foot 2-piece spinning rod. Whichever style you prefer, you’ll find B’n’M’s quality, workmanship and bullet-proof warranty is with you all the way.

PLUS - they’re the best looking rods on the water!

Item    Lgth.   TYPE guides            ACTION        LINE

MAG80C      8 ft/2pc           CAST            8+tip   Heavy            25-50

MAG75C      7.5 ft/1pc        CAST            8+tip   Heavy            25-50

MAG70S      7 ft/2pc           SPIN             7+tip   Heavy            25-50