The Difference by Roger Gant




In A New Size!

We introduced this rod last year, and our customers like it so much they’re asking for more - so we’re giving them another foot to enjoy with a 10-foot model. It was designed by well-known guide Roger Gant (Pickwick, TN), the pioneer for the hottest new technique for crappie fishing, side-pulling. These rods offer the exact strength, sensitivity and action for an exact bait presentation when pulling from the side of the boat. Whether spider rigging, tight lining, or side pulling, the ability to see the lightest taps makes all THE DIFFERENCE! In fact, Roger Gant catches more crappie each year than anyone we know…and we know a lot of good fishermen! But, it also makes a great spinning rod and is fantastic for deep water jigging in tight areas, or wade-fishing. IM6 graphite blank for additional stiffness and sensitivity. Portuguese cork handle. High quality guides with ceramic inserts for smooth line flow.

Collections: Fishing Poles

Category: Trolling Rods

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